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Printable 2013 Application Job Form (PDF)
Applications can be
Faxed to 907-683-1558 or emailed

Jobs Available

The GAFC Philosophy is that we believe in creating an environment where our staff can not only have a great time, live and explore a beautiful place, but also be able to make and save a considerable amount of money. We want our staff to enjoy themselves both personally and professionally, thus promoting a positive atmosphere where guest and crew can benefit. Therefore we offer very affordable nice housing and pay competitive wages with a generous bonus plan.

Living and working here represents a lifestyle and attitude, more than just a summer job. It is an opportunity to learn a variety of skills, develop a strong work ethic and it can be a place to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Due to our remote location more often than not; we build it, we fix it, we bake it, we make it work. A sense of place grows from the earnest work of maintaining this enterprise, from the camaraderie and friendships that grow and from our commitment to provide the best quality experience for our guests in a setting that is beyond compare. A desire to be part of something bigger than ones self and enjoying the process of making it happen for our guests, our fellow crew members and ourselves.

Our restaurant mission is simple; the finest food, freshest ingredients, affordable pricing while servicing our guests with unparalled Alaskan hospitality.

The GAFC is owned and operated by two best friends. We are one of the few privately owned and operated restaurants left in Denali as all the rest have been bought out by the corporate giants. We feel truly blessed to be living and working in one of the most spectacular places on earth and we place a high value on finding like minded people and strive to be the best employer in the area.

Our expectations are simple! All crew members must be professional, punctual, and good ambassadors of the GAFC. We believe in treating our crew members with dignity and respect and accept nothing less in return.

Season Dates: Beginning Mid- May thru Mid-September

Housing: We take pride in providing some of the best housing in the area. Housing/rooms are new and comfortable with 2 shared kitchens and common areas. Each room has its own sink and small refrigerator and 2 rooms share a common bath with shower. A $100.00 housing deposit is required (deposit may be deducted from your first paycheck) and will be refunded at the end of the season based on taking care of the housing unit and grounds over the summer, your personal weekly cleaning duties (schedule posted weekly by housing manager) and end of season clean up and completing your work contract. Housing is charged at $70.00/wk for a small shared room, and includes one shift meal a day, wi-fi, laundry detergent (for the coin-op laundry machines) , toilet paper, and otter pops :)

Uniform requirements: All crew members will need to purchase $50 in uniform supplies (amount may be deducted from your first paycheck), and bring appropriate footwear for working in kitchens & clean khaki’s or jeans or chef pants.

Food: One shift meal will be provided, and 20% off will be given for any off-shift meals during non-peak hours at all three restaurants (Creekside Cafe, Denali Doghouse, and The Great Alaska Fish and Chip Co.).

Bonus Information: Season end bonuses available. This is a “Thank You” to our crew for all you do throughout our season. It is given at the end of the season to those that complete their work contract with a Fully Satisfactory or Outstanding job performance rating. This includes a positive work attitude to co-workers and management, a good work ethic with excellent results, completion of work contract, adhering to housing contract and collective cleaning duties, and returning the housing unit back to the state in which it was given to you (clean and well kept). Season end bonus pay ranges from .25-$1.00 per hour for the total number of hours worked during your contract. Example: $1.00 per hour bonus X 14 weeks X 40 hrs per week = $560.00.

Transportation to Denali:
You are responsible for your own transportation and cost. Denali is 4 hours north of Anchorage and 3 hours south of Fairbanks. If you are arriving in your own vehicle we are located at Mile 224 on the George Parks Hwy. If you do not have your own transportation you can take the Alaska Yukon Trails Shuttle (800-770-7275 or ) from either Anchorage or Fairbanks at 20% off (they will need a copy of your work contract) which picks up at the Anchorage Hostels / 907-248-5036

We HIGHLY recommend you make arrangements prior to arrival.

  • Anchorage Hostels / 907-248-5036
  • Parks Hwy Express (call toll free 1-888-600-6001 or prior to arriving as space fills up fast!!

To Apply:
Fill out the application (use our printable form PDF Document) and fax
907-683-1558 or e-mail to us. Phone interviews are required.

We look forward to hearing from and perhaps working with you
in one of the most beautiful places on earth, DENALI!!

Counter Help
Be the CENTER OF ATTENTION! Must be 21 and willing to get a tam card (cost is $50, which will be refunded upon completion of work contract). Ensure all guests are welcomed & treated like you would treat your grandma!! This starts with how our guests are greeted; with a welcoming smile and answering any questions they may have about our food. You are responsible for cashiering, beer/wine sales, cleaning the seating area, deck seating and bathrooms and just generally helping out were needed.
Rate of pay:$10-11/hr + tips + season end bonus

Prep-Cook/Line Assistant/Dishwasher
The right-hand man (or woman)!! Assists cook at busy fast/casual restaurant. Responsible for all prep items in stocking of the kitchen, including as prepping dips, sauces and so on. Responsible for helping out where needed and doing dishes. Must be well organized, have excellent cleaning/sanitation standards and able to follow and read recipes. Full-time.
Rate of pay: $9.00/hr +
tips + season end bonus

Attention ALL Cooks!

  • All cooks must be skilled in all aspects of the line including but not limited to sauté, fry, grill, and so on.
    Responsible for timely and successful presentation of all menu items.
  • Portion and quality control (this can make or break the best of operations).
  • Must be able to work in a fast paced environment, be well organized and have excellent cleaning/sanitation standards.
    Most importantly have a good and positive attitude.

Line Cook
Responsible for timely and successful presentation of all menu items, Also responsible for ensuring the nightly kitchen flow by overseeing the prep cook/dishwasher, by assisting and leading. Full-time & Part time positions
Rate of pay: $11.00/hr + tips + season end bonus

To Apply:
Printable Application Job Form (PDF) or WORD
Phone interviews are required.

Applications can be
faxed to
907-683-1558 or e-mailed

We look forward to hearing from and perhaps working with you
in one of the most beautiful places on earth, DENALI!!


National Park

The primary visitation season runs from 01 May to 15 September.
Shuttle Bus Service
The Denali National Park shuttle bus runs from the end of May through the middle of September